The Walking Dead 1: Rise Of The Governor by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga


Pages: 308   Price: £8.00   Published: 2011 by Tor
Genre: Horror, Zombie


“Philip Blake’s life has been turned upside down. In less than seventy-two hours an inexplicable event has resulted in people…turning. The world has gone to hell and the walking dead roam the streets massacring the living. It seems that nowhere is safe. Escaping their small town, Philip has just one focus in life – to protect his young daughter Penny. And he’ll do whatever it takes to ensure she survives.”

“With his two high school friends and his brother Brian, Philip decides to aim for the city of Atlanta where it’s said there are refugee centres being set up. But between them and safety lie hundred’s of the walking dead – and the survivor’s path to salvation lies straight through the middle of them…”

My Review:
The holy grail of Zombie books The Walking Dead is an incredible fast paced thriller I couldn’t put down. To clarify straight off the bat, no this isn’t a graphic novel and it is only loosely based on the TV show. I have never read/looked at the graphic novels and I have never watched the TV show. But I always have time for a good dystopian and zombie book.
Philip Blake is tough guy hero throughout the book, always in charge and always the one to deliver the killing blow however he has a soft side, Philip’s reason to get to Atlanta is to ensure his daughter Penny’s survival, although all does not go to plan. Philip priorities Penny survival throughout the novel as she is all he has left in life, we learn he lost his wife which devastated him and so he swore to protect Penny with his life. Although the book revolves around Philip it appears as though in fact Brian is the main character.Brian is Philips older and yet weaker brother. Brian is shown to be weaker both mentally and physically to Philip and is just seen as ‘the tag along’, Brian is obviously a bit of a pacifist as he doesn’t feel comfortable using weapons even against the dead. There’s a great dynamic between the two brothers and great contrast between the characters. I actually really enjoyed the book being more focused on Brian because I really liked the way his character was written and also Brian was always left to care for Penny which gave the writer really good opportunities to contrast Penny’s innocence to the violence going on around her, most notably Brian teaches Penny to go “away” by closing her eyes each time he feel there is something she should not be seeing. This made me like Brian’s character more because he tried so hard to cling onto ‘normal’ and he tried so hard to save Penny from what the world has become.As the book progresses Philips character takes a shift in a way to make the reader see him as ‘the bad guy’ however in fact it made me feel more sympathetic towards Philip. Obviously there’s a big catalyst that caused the change but I won’t say as that would be a spoiler. This made my liking to Philip actually grow instead of shrink as it probably would’ve for most.The ending to the book was phenomenal; I wouldn’t have guessed it ever. I’m obviously not going to spoil it but it was so well written and gripping I just wanted more as soon as I finished the book. It is something you will never see coming. Out of all the dystopian and zombie books I have read this one really comes out on top.Would I read it again? definitely.My Rating: 5/5 Stars

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3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead 1: Rise Of The Governor by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga”

  1. Wow! I never knew that Walking Dead was a book! And from reading your blog, it makes me want to read it as well. I hope you keep up these book reviews! Hope to see more that I know!

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