The Walking Dead 2: The Road To Woodbury by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga


Pages: 277   Price: £8.00   Published: 2012 by Tor
Genre: Horror, Zombie


It is a dangerous world that Lilly lives in. The walking dead lurk in every corner, massacring anyone they can get their hands on. Nowhere is safe. But when a terrifying ordeal leaves numerous dead, Lilly and her companions are forced out of their tented community and into the open. Safety seems to come in the form of Woodbury, a gated compound with food and protection. Yet it’s not long before the wanton dangers of Woodbury reveal themselves, and the Governors despotic rule of the compound threatens to undermine everything Lilly believes in. Because sometimes the dead aren’t the biggest threat. It’s the living…”

My Review:

I don’t know how I feel about this book. For starters I didn’t actually like the protagonist, Lilly. I just couldn’t get behind and support the character as for the simple fact she annoyed me. This book is set a little after the events of the first and I honestly don’t know how Lilly survived up until now. The girl is terrified of everything and cannot wield a weapon. Instead she constantly relies on her friend, Josh. Josh is the big-burly “I can get the job done” man. He does all the lifting, all the hunting, all the carrying and all the killing. Lilly? she screams, a lot. I think I’d have enjoyed the book more if Josh was the protagonist.

What made it harder for me to support the protagonist, Lilly, was in fact I was more supportive of The Governor. The Governor is obviously supposed to be the antagonist, however from reading the first book I had a lot of respect for him and just generally prefered him as a character. He had a lot more depth compared to the others. There were even times in the book where I actually felt sorry for The Governor.

As far as Lilly’s other companions go, they’re pretty stereotypical and bland, the alcoholic, the stoner and the character that lasts for about 5 pages then disappears and you forget they were even part of the book. Again, I felt no sympathy or anything for these characters, especially the drunk, Bob. For one, I just hate the name Bob, it’s just an easy name that gets thrown around. Two, I was sick of reading “Bob raised the bottle to his lips” or “Bob took another swig”, I get he’s an alcoholic but I’d rather have spent those pages developing Lilly’s character rather than reading the same thing.

However, the negative points aside, I did enjoy Martinez’s character, I thought he was well written and I liked what choices he made. I also liked Josh’s character and I did feel bad for him since Lilly screwed him over, another reason not to like her. The fight scenes, as always, were entertaining to read as I love how descriptive they are so you are able to create very vivid images in your mind as to what is going on.

Would I read it again? Maybe, if re-reading the entire Walking Dead series, but not as a stand alone.

The book took me 4 days to read in total.

My Rating: 3/5 Stars

You can get the book Here


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