Reading App Spotlight: Bookling

Instead of a book review on some Mondays I want to do something a little different. I want to showcase some of my favourite Apps I use to do with books and reading that I have found to be extremely useful. For the first one I want to showcase an App that I swear by now. Bookling is a reading habit tracker. I love this App because it is so simple and the design is so sleek and yet it is packed of awesome features.


Bookling is £0.99 on the App Store, that would be $1.27 or 1.08 Euro’s. It is well worth the price as the App is absolutely faultless. Bookling lets add all the books you are currently reading on to the main screen and then whilst you are reading the book you can press on the book for more details and you can add how many pages in total are in the book and how far through you are which it will display on a round chart in the middle of the screen. Based on when you started reading the book too it will work out an average of how many pages a day you are reading so if you set a goal for yourself tp read more, such as 30 pages a day, you can visibly track this. The app will also inform you when you finish the book how many days you were reading it for.

The App also lets you set reminders to read for each specific books so even if you’re in College or University and you need to read a book as part of your course the App can help you keep on top of things. Plus, to make the App more fun, as you read more books you can gain more badges or achievements, this gives you a sense of achievement and you can also challenge yourself or your friends to get more badges. The App also keeps track of all the books you’ve read and in what order and also how many days you read each. On top of all this you can set yourself a yearly goal, this goal is 365 days long and starts measuring from the day you set it instead from January 1st to December 31st which I find much better.

I 100% recommend this App to any readers out there, I love it. I am unaware if the App is available on Android or if that is in the works. If you do download the App, leave a mention in the review comments that my Blog sent you there.

App developers website: Here

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