Reading App Spotlight: Goodreads

I love Goodreads. I’m pretty sure Goodreads was where I found out about my favourite book series: Jack Reacher by Lee Child. Goodreads shows you book recommendations based on what you’ve previously read and genres that you like that you enter into the App. I find this extremely useful for when I’m looking for a new book that I’ve never read before and just seeing how many book are out there. I currently have 164 books on my want-to-read list on Goodreads as it has shown me just how many good books are out there.

The best part? Goodreads is completely free. Free on the App Store and no micro transactions in the App. You can also find and add friends on Goodreads allowing you to see what books they have read, what they are currently reading and also what they want to read. A great way to share your favourite books with others.

Goodreads also has a reading tracker built in, allowing you to type in the page number you are up to and it will tell you, and your friends on Goodreads, what percentage through the book you are. You can also give updates as to what you think of the book whilst reading it. Plus, when you have finished the book you an rate it out of 5 stars and if you want you can leave a review on the book’s page so that the rest of the Goodreads community can see it.

Finally, Goodreads has a handy scanner built in to the App allowing you to scan the barcodes on books and they will show up on Goodreads for you to add to your read, currently reading or want-to-read lists. I especially like this for when I go out shopping and I see a book that I want but cannot afford, I simply scan it into Goodreads and come back for it later.

I 100% recommend this App to any readers out there, I have begun to check it almost every day now looking for new books. One of the most helpful Apps out there.

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