The Walking Dead 3: The Fall of the Governor Part 1 by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga


Pages: 245   Price: £8.00   Published: 2013   Genre: Horror, Zombie


“The Governor and uber-villain Phillip Blake has come a long way. Having journeyed from humble beginnings into the dark heart of the zombie apocalypse, he has become the self-proclaimed leader of the small town of Woodbury. But the residents (those who survive) will live to regret the day Blake darkened their doors. For the Governor runs a twisted, violent dictatorship within the town’s ever tightening barricades. Those that manage to breach the defences find only misery within – and a man who is just as terrifying as the zombie menace outside.”

My Review:

After that incredibly catchy title…

I actually prefered this book to the previous one, those of you who have read my other reviews of The Walking Dead books will know that the first one, The Rise of The Governor, is my favourite and is the best in my opinion, and it still stands. This book though, the third in the series, is definitely an improvement on the second. For starters the character of Lilly Caul was more tolerable. I still don’t like her as a protagonist character but she was better than she had been in the second book. From being that girl in the apocalypse who cries and is scared of literally everything, she now becomes Lilly Caul: ruthless zombie killer and excellent markswoman. And yet she is still caught up and touchy about Josh being killed from the last book. She refers to him as her boyfriend even though in the last book she kept pushing him away. Yeah, I don’t really understand either considering this woman is apparently in her 30s and not a teenager.

As for other returning characters, Bob the old army medic is included in this book though he has no reason to be as he literally does nothing. It’s just description of him being drunk and not being able to remember anything. Martinez makes an appearance, I really liked Martinez in the last book and how he had worked with Lilly and her group in an attempt to overthrow The Governor but now suddenly in this book he’s all for The Governor and starts to do his dirty work? I have no idea where this came from as Lilly now also supports The Governor and there’s no explaination as to why. As for new characters there’s the introduction of Rick, Glenn and Michonne from the TV series and comic books, it means nothing to me however as I haven’t read the comics or watched the series on TV. Then there’s also the character of Austin, a 22 year old stoner who flirts with every girl in the Woodbury compound and guess what, Lilly dates him. Shock horror.

Whilst talking about Lilly and Austin, there’s also the part where the author tries to think up the worst thing that could happen to a woman in an apocalypse situation. Can you guess what it is? If you guessed getting pregnant, then congratulations to you, sir or ma’am are a master of the clichés. It is literally like a PSA for safe sex, the two of them hook up and Austin even says he has no protection but whatever. From that moment you can literally call what is going to happen, also bear in mind that these two have only been talking for what seems like a week or two. It’s just hard to believe since one minute Lilly is all caught up on Josh and the next she throws caution to the wind. Just because it’s the apocalypse doesn’t mean basic knowledge and rules doesn’t apply.

In other semi-ridiculous stuff, the torture scene at the end where Michonne is getting her revenge by torturing The Governor. The amount of weapons Michonne uses and how long this goes on for is ridiculous. Like, okay I get it’s the Zombie Apocalypse so we’ve already thrown realism out the window but at least try and make it somewhat plausible, The Governor is a human being, he should have died but he miraculously survives all this. Even with him being mutiliated, bleeding profusly and having one eyeball gouged out. It’s just being dragged out now.

The book was still better than the previous and I didn’t hate reading it, I’ve just read better. I like the Zombie genre and I like the concept of dystopia and having to survive on what is left of the world. I just wish it could have been done better and made slightly more plausible.

My Rating: 3/5 STARS
You can get the book here: WaterstonesAmazon

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