Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood by Oliver Bowden


Pages: 525   Price: £8.00   Published: 2010   Genre: Historical Fiction, Fantasy


“Rome, once mighty, lies in ruins. The city swarms with suffering and degradation, her citizens living in the shadow of the ruthless Borgia family. Only one man can free the people from the Borgia tyranny – Ezio Auditore, the Master Assassin. Ezio’s quest will test him to his limits. Cesare Borgia, a man more villainous and dangerous than his father the Pope, will not rest until he has conquered Italy. And in such treacherous times, conspiracy is everywhere, even in the ranks of the brotherhood itself.”

My Review:

Okay so this book review is rather different, this book is part of a series based upon Ubisoft’s best-selling Assassin Creed video game series, which I absolutely love. So, a book that combines my two favourite things, Video Games and Reading, was bound to make an appearance on my blog. I am categorising this book under both Historical Fiction and Fantasy as I have a hard time really saying which category it fits into most.

Although I have played the game the book is based upon so I know the whole story and how it ends, I really did enjoy reading this. I like the extra bit of details here and there and the other information that is included that isn’t in the game but instead inferred by the author.

The only think I wasn’t so keen on in the book was that there were parts that made Ezio seem quite weak, for example how he spends time constantly pining after Caterina Sforza when in the video game Ezio lets her go and moves on and is generally a more strong person, emotionally. I’ve never been too keen on the character of Caterina Sforza so to have her constantly re-dug-up ever couple chapters (this may seem long but the chapters are really short due to there being so many) bothered me a bit and so I wished it was more like the video game.

Apart from that I found it a really entertaining read and the imagery is great. For fans of the video game or those who fancy a Fantasy read, I highly recommend it.

My Rating: 4/5 STARS

You can get the book here: AmazonWaterstones

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