Welcome, and thanks for checking out my website. Here I intend to leave reviews of the books I read for all the other book enthusiasts out there.
The reviews I write will always be 100% honest and not influenced by anything. My favourite book genres are Crime and Thriller however there will be the occasional book which does not fit into those categories.
You can search for reviews by Genre and also by Title, sorted alphabetically might I add. Books I highly recommend throughout the year will be posted as part of my ‘Recommended Reads’ series.
Don’t like spoilers? No need to worry as all of my reviews will be spoiler free (unless visibly stated) and will not ruin the reading experiences at all for you.
In each review I will add my personal star rating for the book out of 5 and I will begin each review quoting the blurb of the book.
Thank you for reading this far and please do stick around for more reviews.